Check Your Mailbox: Taxation Valuations Are Coming!

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Tax Valuation Time!

Property Tax estimates for 2018 are coming soon! When can you expect to see yours? The mailings are based on the county your property is in and vary from county to county. I have inquired with a few of the central appraisal districts (CAD) in DFW to get a sense of when to expect these. (Note: this is information obtained from the CAD's directly but should be verified and not relied on)

Collin County: The CAD website noted that notices should be received by April 15.

Dallas County: I put in a call to Dallas County, and they noted theirs will be mailed April 1.

Denton County: The CAD website had this note - 

'We're currently scheduled to mail 2018 value notices on April 18th, 2018.'

Rockwall County: They'll surprise us. (just kidding) It's actually not on the website, so called and they noted they hope to send them out earlier this year but didn't have a firm time frame of when to anticipate them.

Tarrant County: I put in a call and they noted that they hope to have them all out by Monday, April 2.

Last year the protest deadline in Denton CAD was May 1st, however Collin CAD's website had this note: 'Due to passage of HB 2228 during the 2017 Texas Legislature, changes were made to the property tax protest filing deadline; the protest deadline was changed to May 15 from May 31, or 30 days after the delivery of the Notice of Appraised Value, whichever is later. ' 

Read your individual notice to know the exact filing deadlines for protests of valuations. It's important to conduct any protest in a timely manner. Many counties allow the initial protest steps to be conducted online and are a relatively simple process. 

If you or someone you know needs to protest their tax rate, I am more than happy to assist! I have helped folks protest inaccurate valuations to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in value reductions. Each case is different - some need major adjustments, some see none - but it's important to be aware of your home's value in comparison to the assessors valuation as it will impact your tax rate later in the year.