Ministry of Motherhood, an intro to my world

I had a rather profound thought today that really took me aback.

                Michael has changed my life, for the better, almost as profoundly as any other event, including finding faith in Christ. I am, in so many ways, a renewed person!

That statement is true in its entirety, but perhaps not in the way one might imagine. While birthing Michael into the world was an event of awe and wonder, I found the empowerment from it was enriching yet empty in a way. As I held this person, this individual, these 10 fingers, 10 toes perfect little boy – I had not ‘arrived’ yet as a mom – rather I was beginning the process of falling in love with what has become, for me, motherhood. It was like I had been handed a cup, and every day I had the opportunity to fill that cup.

I’ve found over the last 23+ months that, speaking for myself, I have a choice to make when it comes to ‘filling’ Michaels life. And it’s that opportunity that makes the ministry.

                The Ministry of Motherhood.

I am a working mom. I sell houses and LOVE the work I put my hands to doing. I’m a wife, a businesswoman, a doggie mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor. I am a multidimensional woman. That’s what makes any of us who we are – more than one side. It’s a mystery unto itself that points at our nature coming from God himself. He, too, is multidimensional, so thus are we. So much of our society values segments of parenthood- the provision, the homemaking, the education, the ‘the’s’, that I feel the ministry of being a mother not by accident, but rather is a journey best pursued with purpose and intentionality – perhaps more than ever before.

One word that comes to mind is nurturer.

‘the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or

development of someone or something’

It is not for me to determine who Michael is. He already IS. Like a flower, it is to me (and his dad)  to water, to shine, to feed, to breathe fresh air into his life and bring others alongside me in that work, so that he blossoms and grows into the man that the Lord has for him. For those that know, this is what has drawn Matt and I to the Montessori method, which I’d encourage anyone to discover themselves and is a discussion for another time.

It is to that end that I jot these notes and these thoughts – to encourage the ministry of motherhood and fatherhood in you, my friends. It is an honor and a calling that alters who we are forever, if we let it. I find that the more deeply I feel being a mom, the further I reach to love Michael and to put his development as a priority in my own very busy life, the more I discover aspects of the Lord I haven’t seen before. ‘The more I seek you, the more I find you’ as the song says.

I didn’t know how to introduce this new portion of my website and blog – but it’s a private side page, if you will. I own the website and they let me have several pages, so why not have a little something where I can jot thoughts and share. Right? I have my real estate blog of course, but this is something special for those that enjoy reading personal reflections. I have outlined some crafts I’ve created, things I’m doing with Michael for his development, thoughts I have on the Lord, my faith, and so forth that I’ll be posting as time permits. I appreciate feedback and hope you enjoy.