Fort Worth Company Creates Solution For Ugly Satellite Dishes

by Seth Fowler of Candy's Dirt

If you have lived in North Texas for any period of time you know what happens to your satellite dish when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  It’s neither fun nor pretty.

When the rains come, wind blows, and hail makes its way to North Texas, it’s a guarantee that your Internet will stop working and favorite television show will turn into a fuzzy screen. Nothing can be more infuriating when watching your show or playing your game and the TV and Internet signal are interrupted or lost.

Furthermore, a satellite dish are an eyesore.  That is, until now.

Hauk Technology, a Fort Worth-based company, has developed a revolutionary product, called Signal Transparent Surface (STS), that not only hides those ugly discs hanging from the homes like a broken arm, but maintains the strength and integrity of the signal even during the fiercest storm.

Hauk Technology’s patented Signal Transparent Surface allows satellite dish to be hidden yet still get strong signal

Hauk Technology, through its licensed providers and technicians, can now hide the satellite dish under the roof decking of a home and still get a strong, reliable signal for television and Internet.

No More Ugly Satellite Dishes on Pretty Homes

“We are working with roofers, architects, home builders, contractors, HOAs and audio visual companies,” explains Mark Vogel, founder of Hauk Technology.  “The response has been tremendous because our STS design and product makes the individual job for all those contractors so much easier.”

New communities sprouting all over North Texas are especially fond of Hauk’s services.  No longer will developers, builders, or Home Owners Association members have to dispute the location or aesthetics of a satellite dish on a home.

Is this really what a new neighborhood should look like?

Is this really what a new neighborhood should look like?

Safety is also an issue that is solved by the Hauk STS solution.

“These days, the top satellite dish companies won’t even allow their technicians to get onto a roof,” says Vogel.  “There is too much liability and danger for the homeowner and the technician.  When there is a problem with the satellite signal the homeowner is pretty much out of luck.  With our solution the satellite is in a controlled environment and no one has to go onto a roof.”

Planning For Changing Technology

In a world where technology is evolving on a second-by-second basis, the Hauk STS solution also allows for the latest innovation to be implemented.  Whether it’s terrestrial wireless internet, television, home phone service, or who knows what will be next, the STS solution removes the pressure and expense of service providers to create new infrastructure.


With STS from Hauk Technology, a signal won’t be lost or interrupted when you’re watching your favorite TV show

“This affordable solution has revolutionized the way a satellite dish is viewed.  We are partnering with builders, developers and providers to make sure no one has to deal with an interrupted signal or see an ugly dish attached to the roof of a pretty home ever again.”