Around Town - Fort Flower Mound

One of the benefits of selling real estate across DFW is - of course - trying new things! So I enjoy showcasing some local finds on the blog that I and my family love.

As a mom, there are few things more important than an amazing playground to get all that energy out! Fort Flower Mound at Heritage Park is such an awesome spot to do that!

One of my favorite aspects is that, on the whole, it is super clean. There are occasions where gravel, wood chips, or tires are great to play in, but sometimes it's nice to not have to mess with the dirt. There are often other adults and children at the park as well, which can be nice. 

Features I Love:

  • Main surface is rather shock absorbent which is really nice. The only negative is that it can be a little warm on it.
  • Play equipment itself is made of durable materials and have all sorts of features for kids!
  • Tot lot and big kid lot are separate and engaging for their age groups
  • Has swings for special needs children
  • Has a giant disk swing as well
  • Nearby covered picnic tables
  • Water fountain and restrooms are very close
  • Water fountain at entryway, mature trees lining the property, walking path, and play field
  • Near to other city amenities including play fields and community center
  • Musical instruments are incorporated into the offered activities
  • Lots of benches for adults to sit and enjoy the park as well

DFW features so many great parks! While a small one, this is definitely one of our favorites!


*Disclaimer: While I grew up in and love DFW, but I am not a professional critic, allergist, health inspector, nutritionist, policeman, or the like. So take what I say as my personal experience and apply a grain of salt. Always consult the website and staff to see what works best for you and your circumstances. I do hope you find these posts entertaining and do please enjoy!*