Delicious Eats - Lavendou Restaurant

One of the benefits of selling real estate across DFW is - of course - trying new delicious restaurants. So I enjoy showcasing some local eateries on the blog that I've tried around town and enjoyed.

An absolute favorite, Lavendou is an excellent choice from business lunches to special occasions! A French bistro through and through, you'll find the food to be second-to-none. The atmosphere is inspired by the countryside with yellows and blues complimented by adorning touches of lavender. The staff are, I believe, French which makes for a completely unique experience. The real treat though, is the food.

The Experience & Tips

  • When ordering, think dessert first. Soufflé's must be ordered before the meal, and their's are to die for. I highly recommend the Grand Marnier though you can never go wrong with the chocolate of course. Light texture with rich sauce makes for the ideal balance. And the creme top is delectable. A pure delight. 
  • Soup - yes please! Gratinée à L'Oignon or French Onion Soup, as we call it, is beyond compare. There is no compare to the frozen or packaged cousins in the store. The soup features the traditional brown broth with texture found in the squares of bread, onion, and a caramelized slice of swiss on top. You'll want to kiss the chef!
  • Don't skip the salads here. May I humbly recommend the Croquant de Chèvre Chaud
    sur son Lit de Jennes Pousses. The goat cheese medallions are crisp, flavorful, and frankly making me hungry just typing about them. Order an extra one - you won't regret it. 
  • Entree's range from the surf of Salmon to the turf of New York Strip. But if you care for flying features, try to roasted duck or chicken - both are savory. 
  • Each table is offered bread complimented with a dipping sauce of olive oil, balsamic, and olive's. It's worthy of seconds. 
  • It's worth mentioning again - the desserts! The tartes are of course a national treasure that are as beautiful as they are delicious. You can also try the sorbets for a lighter treat.
  • They do have featured specials which could add to the adventure!
  • Do call before you go, as there are events held on occasion which reserve the entire restaurant. Reservations are highly recommended and can be done online now.
  • Offers patio seating as well as a reserved party room.

 Sound good? That's because it is. A must try, for sure!


*Disclaimer: I love food, but I am not a food critic, chef, allergist, health inspector, nutritionist or the like. So take what I say as my personal experience and apply a grain of salt. Always consult the menu and staff to see what works best for you and your circumstances. I do hope you find these posts entertaining and do please enjoy. Bon Appetit!*