Good Buys - Sample House Candle Shop


One of the benefits of selling real estate across DFW is - of course - all the places to shop! When I have a few minutes between clients, I love to peruse new or favorite shops. One of my GO TO's is of course, Sample House Candle Shop.

This is just about one of the cutest stores in town, and they are ALL OVER in Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant Counties. 

What they have:

  • Candles: Tyler, Aromatique, Orleans, Lux, Nest - to name a few. My favorite though are the Orange Spice candles - delicious!
  • Gifts: From weddings to showers to birthdays and everything inbetween - they have a little something for everyone.
  • Pamper Yourself: Soaps, lotions, bath salts galore! Lollia is wonderful, but I am a little old fashioned here and just love Thymes Goldleaf.
  • Toy Bin: Babyshower coming up? Don't sweat it! Jelly Belly stuffed animals are where it's at folks. I don't think they make a softer stuffed toy, and the designs offer a classic sense of childish humor. They've also got designer socks for babies, books, toys and keepsakes.
  • Fur Babies: Tucked away, you can always find a corner full of pet decore, accents, and gifts. Need a fun food bowl? They've got some great ones! Or a humorous book on Angry Cat? Yup! I'm always looking out for that next Boston Terrier MUST HAVE!
  • Home Decor: Lamps, wall decor, art, and more - All right here!
  • Holiday Decor: At Christmas they have the cutest little fanciful dry snow globes. Seasonally, they offer various floral arrangements. For summer, you can always find fresh takes to celebrate the 4th! But at Easter - count on pastels presented in new ways!
  • Scarfs: My absolute reason to come to here though, are the scarves. Fall, winter, and spring weights - they have some of the best in town hands down. All of my favorites have come from here. 
  • Giftwrap & Cards: No gift is complete without it, and they have from classic to humorous. 

Other tips:

  • They do have a sales section many times, so you can snag a good deal from time to time.
  • They do offer promotional online.
  • Their website has some cute resources, including a blog and recipe center.

Check out their website for locations! Never know, this could be your new fun addiction!

*Disclaimer: I love to shop, but I am not a shopping critic, allergist, health inspector, nutritionist or the like. So take what I say as my personal experience and apply a grain of salt. Always consult the staff to see what works best for you and your circumstances. I do hope you find these posts entertaining and do please enjoy. Go have some fun!*