Delicious Eats - Bubba's Cooks Country

One of the benefits of selling real estate across DFW is - of course - trying new delicious restaurants. So I enjoy showcasing some local eateries on the blog that I've tried around town and enjoyed.

Bubba's brings southern comfort food to a whole new level for Dallas. Imagine: after a delicious chicken fried steak from Babe's, have you ever thought to yourself, 'Boy, I wish I could take this amazing-ness home with me'. The answer is - YES! Bubba's is, in fact, owned by the very same folks as Babes!

But it gets even better. What if Babes did breakfast? Well wonder no more my friends, because Bubba's can make your dreams come true!

Experience and Tips:

  • Breakfast, served till 11 AM, is not complete without a cinnamon roll
  • Serves the same sort of Chicken Fried Steak we've all come to love!
  • Chicken Livers are an option at Bubba's, though that's more my husband's like
  • SOOOOO many more sides options! They have daily available sides, which include the green beans and 'must-have' mashed potatoes and gravy. Rotating sides include okra and tomatoes (not the same as regular friend okra mind you), black eyed peas, canned yams, and so on.
  • Desserts are also totally different with cobblers, puddings, and apricot friend pies (yes, apricot). 
  • 1950's diner theme will take you back to another time, but so will the parking. When it's busy, you may not get parking that's totally close.
  • It's busy for a reason - because it's darn good - so enjoy the ambiance and get some good food. Good things come to those that wait. 

One of my favorites, this really does make for 'Home Cooking' at home.

This isn't the owner of Babe's only secret though. If you want a REAL treat, try their other 'one off' restaurant - Sweetie Pies Ribeyes in Decatur. They serve an amazing Ribeye Pot Pie that is out of this world good! They only make a few every day, so if you want one you gotta get there early! They also feature a full line of steaks, including a Filet Mignon! A must try!

I hope you can get out and enjoy these local treasures!


*Disclaimer: I love food, but I am not a food critic, chef, allergist, health inspector, nutritionist or the like. So take what I say as my personal experience and apply a grain of salt. Always consult the menu and staff to see what works best for you and your circumstances. I do hope you find these posts entertaining and do please enjoy. Bon Appetit!*