Property Tax Valuations and Protesting in North Texas

Hey guys! My girl, Stephanie Johnson at Service First Mortgage, put together this great email with hints and tips on the tax appraisal assessments. Many folks have seen a rise in their valuations, some of which are above market value. If that's you, feel free to contact me for FREE comparable sold's to provide to the tax district. 

I wanted to send out a quick notice regarding your 2017 property taxes. You have or will soon be receiving a property tax valuation for 2017 from your county. It is highly suggested to review this document and understand how this will affect your upcoming tax bill and monthly mortgage payment if you do escrow for property taxes.

Click below to watch a short video explaining the best practices once you recieve the tax notice or read below.

Below are suggestions if your taxable value has increased to over market value or you wish to try to lower the taxable amount with a Tax Protest.

  • Pay attention to the deadline to protest your taxes. This deadline is generally May 31st.
  • Consider contacting your trusted REALTOR to assist in running comparable sales to possibly help in this process.
  • Is the tax value higher than you recently paid for your property? Documenting this sales price might help in lowering your value to the market value in which you paid (note I would suggest using either the appraisal or the closing statement/contract whichever is lower in value.)
  • The Dallas Morning News tips on tax protests:

Property Tax Tips

Preparing for the tax increase:

  •  Compare your 2016 actual tax bill and estimated tax bill for 2017.
    •  I have included links to pull the current and proposed tax values and estimated taxes.
    •  Some DFW counties offer calculators to help with running different scenarios. These are very helpful. I have included these links below.
    • Calculate the difference between these two figures to determine the estimated additional amount that will be needed to pay your 2017 tax bill when due. The tax bill is normally paid in December.
      • A best practice is to budget to pay this amount in one payment if you are notified of an escrow account shortage.  Some servicers may allow you to pay in this additional amount to your escrow account each month starting now.  If you know today the estimated amount needed later this year or early in 2018, this gives you time to plan for this payment.
  •  If the shortage is not paid, an analysis is completed by serving and increased payment options are presented to be paid overtime. These additional funds go to catch up your escrow account. This can increase your monthly payment significantly. By reviewing this now this sharp an increase can be avoided.


My Team and I are always available to answer any questions or assist in any way. Thank you again for allowing us to continue to be your mortgage expert. We hope that you think of us first if you know anyone who is in need of mortgage financing. Your wonderful recommendation would go a long way.