Delicious Eats - Chan's Mongolian Grill

One of the benefits of selling real estate across DFW is - of course - trying new delicious restaurants. So I'll showcase some local eats that I've tried and enjoyed. This one today came up as a friend was eating nearby and I thought they should give this a shot next time they are around!

The restaurant is Chan's Mongolian Grill. 

Now, admittedly, my husband loves this place more than I do, haha, but it's great for ladies as well! You can keep it light with just noddles or rice and veggies!

One of the things that sets it apart from other Mongolian restaurants in town are the sauces. Rather than having heavy, pre-made sauces- Chan's provides the raw ingredients to make your own flavorings. This allows for a lighter, less cumbersome dish. 

Check out their website for a 10% off coupon (as of today at least) and a How To on building your bowl! 


  • Dinners and weekends have a larger selection of meats. It's also a tad bit more expensive. 
  • Avoid the 'Hot Sauce' - it doesn't settle well with my stomach - it just feels heavy
  • When they ask if you'd like an egg - SAY YES
  • Put your sesame seeds on AFTER the grill - keeps them fresh
  • They will serve soup (egg drop and a hot and sour are usually offered) along with an ice cream with fortune cookie after

Enjoy on your next trip to the HEB area!


*Disclaimer: I love food, but I am not a food critic, chef, allergist, health inspector, nutritionist or the like. So take what I say as my personal experience and apply a grain of salt. Always consult the menu and staff to see what works best for you and your circumstances. I do hope you find these posts entertaining and do please enjoy. Bon Appetit!*