Is Dallas The Best Place to Invest in Real Estate?

by Joanna England

Forbes certainly thinks it is.

That’s the results of a study the media company completed with Local Market Monitor. Dallas home prices are expected to increase by 31 percent by 2020, which is a bigger price growth than any other MSA listed.




Forbes calls Dallas a “best buy” for those investing in real estate:

Dallas takes the top spot after ranking no. 6 in 2016. Prices here are expected to grow the most of any list city. Informing that forecast is 6.2% three-year population growth, 3.9% job gains last year and 9% annual home price gains. Homes in Dallas are also undervalued compared historic averages and local income.

 That’s a pretty big climb in the charts! One has to wonder, though, if our financial woes with the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund will have any impact on that price growth as our city council works toward a solution to address the fund’s projected insolvency.

But seriously, that’s an enormous price increase in three years! One can only imagine what rents will look like in 2020. Care to guess?