DIY Supply Spotlight: 12 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

Having some basic tools handy is important as you settle into your home. They not only equip you to care for your house, but also help you personalize your space. Here is a list of the very basics that you'll be glad to have around!

Take pride in your tool box and get familiar with each tool. At the very least, it will be of great help when you are trying to accomplish some much needed home projects. At the most, you will be motivated and inspired to do more things around the house, maybe take up a DIY project or two!


1. Toolbox: It's extremely helpful to organize your tools in a way that maximizes their use. Plus, having a designated place for your tools will increase the likelihood that you will use them more. Flambeau Zerust Brute Tool Box, $15

2. Hammer: It pays to invest in a good quality hammer with a anti-vibration rubber grip with a steel handle. Getting one with a rip claw will be useful for demolition. Stanley Framing Hammer, $41

3. Screwdriver set: Screwdriver are used for a variety of things, so make sure you get a mixed set with a range of sizes. Lutz 15-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver, $15

4. Tape Measure: Whether you are building furniture, or thinking about bringing new furniture in, tape measures are your best friend. Tape measures are especially important for new homeowners planning out their new space. Make sure to get a good-quality, easy-locking one that is at least 3/4-inches wide.Stanley Measuring Tape, $10.

5. Adjustable wrench: You will use a wrench to tighten and assemble all sorts of nuts and bolts, especially plumbing fixtures. Pittsburg Adjustable Wrench, $5

6. Pliers: Use these to straighten bent power-cord plugs, replace old shower heads, or any project that requires you to cut, bend or grip wire. Stanley Plier Set,$12

7. Utility knife or box cutter: I'm always surprised by how many times I end up reaching for our utility knife. It comes in handy for cutting all sorts of things that would be too difficult with a pair of scissors. Klever X-Change Safety Box Cutter, $11

8. Putty knife: A putty knife is useful for scraping off wallpaper or paint or spreading spackle over small holes in the walls. 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool, $7.

9. Stud Finder: I didn't get one of these until we bought a house, but it has come in so handy since, especially for hanging heavy things. Hanson Stud Finder, $10

10. Power Drill: This is the most expensive thing on the list, but it is extremely worthwhile for a variety of practical tasks like putting up shelves, or for DIY projects like giving your coffee table some new legs. Dewalt 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit, $99.

11. Handsaw: This was one of those tools that I didn't think we needed, until we did, and then nothing but a handsaw would do. Our first use of the handsaw involved cutting the knobs off the trunk of our Christmas tree so that it would fit into the stand. Sharp Tooth Handsaw, $11

12. Staple Gun: I am hoping to teach myself how to do some basic upholstering in the near future, and this staple gun is going to be a must. Stanley Staple Gun, $24

Tool tip: As you get comfortable with the tools and take up more projects, you can slowly accumulate more tools as you go. To start, getting all of these basic essentials should cost you around $250. Be wary of buying the cheapest version of each item, unless you know that it is of good quality. These tools are meant to last you a long time, and you can think of them as the foundation for your growing tool set!

If you have a favorite brand for any of these tools, please share in the comments below; recommendations are always a great resource!